Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shape Collage

Shape Collage is such a cool download that I stumbled upon from Big Huge Labs. I know the kids will love seeing what they can create with digital pictures that they probably already have!

Cake Balls

Have you ever wondered how those delicious things are made?  Here is your chance to learn:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day2012-02-13_29Valentine's Day2012-02-13_28Valentine's Day2012-02-13_27Valentine's Day2012-02-13_26Valentine's Day2012-02-13_22Valentine's Day2012-02-13_21
Valentine's Day2012-02-13_20Valentine's Day2012-02-13_19Valentine's Day2012-02-13_18Valentine's Day2012-02-13_17Valentine's Day2012-02-13_16Valentine's Day2012-02-13_15
Valentine's Day2012-02-13_32Valentine's Day2012-02-13_33Valentine's Day2012-02-13_36Valentine's Day2012-02-13_38Valentine's Day2012-02-13_44Valentine's Day2012-02-13_45
Valentine's Day2012-02-13_46Valentine's Day2012-02-13_48Valentine's Day2012-02-13_49Valentine's Day2012-02-13_50Valentine's Day2012-02-13_51Valentine's Day2012-02-13_52

Valentine's Day, a set on Flickr.

Here are some random shots that I took yesterday at the party!


This is such a COOL app for the iPhone / iTouch2 / iPad!  Best of all, it's FREE!

What do you need to make a Videoliscious?

  • The "App" downloaded from iTunes
  • 10 Images that have been saved in your "camera roll"
  • An idea of what your story will be...

Example of an Q and A Essay:
Monkeys are the best animals int he world.  I like them because they are silly.  People can train them to speak using sign language.  I like being able to see them at the zoo.  I also like to see their tails wiggle.  That is why monkeys are the best animals in the world!

Example of the Q and A Essay using Videoliscious:

Will Rogers Follies

What a wonderful time we had on our field trip to Stratford High School!  The kids really LOVED seeing the Will Roger's Follies!

Question & Answer Essay

For the next few weeks, we will be consuming some Q and A Essays.  Q and A Essays are opinionated and fun to write!

What makes a GOOD Q and A Essay?

Did the writer state his / her claim?
Does the writer have at least 4 supporting details?
  • Interesting Details
  • Persuade the Reader
  • Make the reader be on "their side"
End by restating the claim!
  • Can be catchy
  • Wraps it up!
Be on the look out for some great Q and A Essays / Videos!!!  We will be posting them soon!

Rocks & Minerals

What are Rocks and Minerals?

View Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals and over 3,000,000 other topics on Qwiki.

We had such a special treat today as Mr. Holmes spoke to the entire grade level about Rocks & Minerals. We learned so much and we appreciate all the hands - on opportunities that Mr. Holmes gave us!