Wednesday, December 9, 2009

State Presentations

Here are some skills that your child used / and or learned to create these products:

Cooperative Learning (Being able to use the skills of peers to create a product, while working together to solve problems!)
Access the district server and save into personalized folders;
Download pictures to the server;
Upload pictures from the server;
Import .gifs to Microsoft PowerPoint and then export them as a .jpeg;
Toggle between Microsoft Word and the Internet;
Use of the "Ctrl" + "Prnt Scrn" to capture pictures on the screen and crop and save them as a .jpeg;

Use of the Internet for research:
Discovery Education

Access Image Generators:

Upload files to the Internet and create video:





Monday, December 7, 2009

Spin the Dreidel

The legend has it that the game of Dreidel was developed in Eastern Europe hundreds of years ago. When the Jews were forbidden to study Torah, they used the game of Dreidel as a decoy for studying. They pretended to be playing and gambling but were actually praying and learning.

The four sides of the dreidel are decorated with the first four letters from the Hebrew phrase Nes gadol hayah sham, which means, A great miracle happened here.

Objects Needed:

  • 1 dreidel

  • pennies (these can be m&m's, skittles, rocks, etc.)

How to play:

• Everyone begins with 10 items.
• Before you begin to play, each student needs to put one item in the middle of your playing area.
• Each player needs to take turns spinning the dreidel.
• Follow directions based on the letter that is face – up when the dreidel stops.
• Continue to play until one player has all the items.

Nun = Take nothing from the pot.
Gimmel = Take the whole pot.
Hay = Take half the pot.
Shin = Add two items to the pot.