Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Measuring Inches

Today, we learned how to measure using a ruler.  The kids practiced their skills as they measured items in their desk and around the room.

Twirly Birds

How are twilers, zoomers, and tops the same?
What makes twirler wings and twirly birds spin?
What other kinds of things rotate or spin?
We answered all those questions as we participated in an experiment using Twirly Birds!

Monday, November 26, 2012

RCE Family Wellness Night

Rummel Creek will have a Family Wellness night on January 15th.  A featured speaker, Physician of Phun (Gregg Catalano),  will share healthy tips with parents and students. Other events for the evening include:  a health fair in the library, a chef in the cafeteria and a full arcade of activities in the gym as well as food tastings, displays and more.  The night will begin at 5:15 and finish up around 8:00.  Come for what you can.  Parents and children are encouraged to participate in the activities!

Website for the evening: – check often for updates of what will be offered and the schedule

Special Events for the evening include:

The Rose Mammography will be in the Library Storage room doing Mammograms – Schedule yours by clicking on this link and filling out the necessary forms on-line.  Last year we were able to fill all of the times and needed more.  Please sign up….our times begin in the early afternoon. Group Code: SBISD

The Gulf Coast Blood Mobile will be here for blood donations.  Click here to link to the blood center.  Click on Digital Donor and the code for Rummel Creek is M461.  Follow the directions to make it an easy quick donation for you.

A Sign Up Genius has been set up to RSVP for the night so that we can be prepared for those who plan to come:
Invite your neighbors to attend as well!

We are looking forward to an exciting evening of fun, food, frolicking and friendship.  See you on the 15th of January!


Today we discussed the difference between Non-Standard Units of Measurement vs. Standard Units of Measurement.  The class really enjoyed measuring items with their unifix cubes and jumbo paperclips.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rolling Cups

Wheels are not the only things that roll.

Remember the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? What happened when Violet Beauregard ate the bubblegum?

How did the Oompa Loompa’s move her?

Cups also roll. You will each get one large and one small cup to investigate to see how they roll.

How can you devise a system to roll slowly down a slope? Why would this be important?

Check out this real worlk problem that people up North have to worry about!!!

How did theVentrac Slope Mower solve their problems?

Chevron Fuel Your School

A special "Thank You" goes out to Chevron for fully funding 20+ "" grants for Rummel Creek Elementary! We are extremely excited to use all these new supplies!

Monday, November 12, 2012


Check out the quick and easy video I just made using Stupeflix! Everyone in my class has a free account! We will be learning more about this great site soon!!!
Meanwhile, enjoy this video of my experience at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Tony Hawk was born in 1968. His nickname is “The Birdman”. He is an American Professional skateboarder. He is known for his 900 degree aerial spin.

While watching the video, think to yourself –

What are the functions of wheels & axel systems in conjunction to ramps?

I wonder....   What directions do wheels roll on a ramp?
What is rolling?
How would you make a wheel system that goes straight?

Friday, November 9, 2012


What do you know about systems?  What types of systems have you made?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

News for the Week!

This week is flying by so fast – more so than I could imagine! In fact, I can’t believe it is already Halloween!!! This is a friendly reminder that students ARE NOT allowed to wear the costumes to school. A few of them asked, but the answer was no. Please also limit the amount of Halloween candy that you send with your child. Eventually, it all adds up! If you are interested to see how many calories are in the candy, check out this link:

Be sure to scroll all the way down! On a personal note, we typically buy our kid’s candy from them for about $20 each…. That way, we know they are not stuffing their mouths with unnecessary treats that will only get them on a sugar high followed by a sudden “crash and burn”.

Hot topic: One of our friends, Molly, will be featured on ABC 13 tomorrow night. She was interviewed for Christi Myer’s Health Check. Please set your DVR’s to ABC13 at 6:40 to see her report! I am so proud of her!!!

This week, we have a lot of new things happening. First of all, I wanted to let everyone know about a great new program that the district has provided us with. It is called Go Animate. I showed the kids this morning and they are in love with it. I told them that if they would like to skip their homework, and work on one, that would be fine with me! Like anything new we do, exploring is always the best steps before asking for a quality project to be composed. To login to their account, they need to go through their Edmodo account. Please remind them that they do not need to select the button that says, I’m A Student! (That is only for first time users. )

Yesterday, I showed them another piece of technology, Glogster. They all enjoyed creating a glog of themselves.