Sunday, November 11, 2012


Tony Hawk was born in 1968. His nickname is “The Birdman”. He is an American Professional skateboarder. He is known for his 900 degree aerial spin.

While watching the video, think to yourself –

What are the functions of wheels & axel systems in conjunction to ramps?

I wonder....   What directions do wheels roll on a ramp?
What is rolling?
How would you make a wheel system that goes straight?


  1. Tony Hawk is from San Diego, my hometown. He's very active there. There's a whole skate park at the Encinitas YMCA that he designed and donated.

  2. -Tony Hawk uses balance and motion so he can ride on his skateboard.
    -Being "stable" is important because so that you wouldn't fall off and hurt yourself.
    -You are balanced, if you are not falling off.

    -Wheels at first, will go down the ramp. If you have force added, it will roll up back up.
    -Rolling is like wheels going in circles as they rotate on their axis.

  3. Thanks Ricky! We are wondering if you have ever seen him skate in person.