Saturday, September 21, 2013

Flipped Out!

We have survived the first 3 weeks of school!  It has been a definite whirl-wind with the Flip Learning concept!

Kids Re-watching a Video for Clarification
As a team, we decided that it would be best if we video-taped every lesson for our mathematics instruction.  We did this because our kids are 7 and 8 years old.  To tell them that they need to go home and watch a video and take notes would be unreasonable.  Point is - kids need things modeled - over and over again! So here was our schema:
  • We taught them how they could use a QR Code to take them to the videos.  
  • We taught them that they could pause the video and rewind to hear the lesson again.
  • We taught them that they could have manipulatives at home to help them visualize Place Value.
  • We taught them how to take notes in their journal - drawing things out and making sure they get down the important vocabulary.

Manipulative Bag

So, by the time that back to school night came along, kids would be better able to show their parents what our expectations were.  In fact, our very first video that we had them do for homework was "How to Make Beansticks".  This would become an essential tool that they will use for the rest of the year.  I got pencil - zipper bags from a grant through Donor's Choose.   In there, I placed a laminated QR Code (which I had to redo because of Copyright Laws - I suggest using just a regular one without a cute graphic...), 15 Tongue Depressors,  4 oz. Bag of  large Kidney Beans, and 2 die. The parents took them home - where they will remain for the rest of the year.  We also passed out a wonderful explanation that Crystal Kirch had placed on her blog.  (We had permission to use some of it, of course!)

Next week - the world of mathematics instruction will look very different.  I'm nervous, but also excited!  I'm hoping that all goes well!