Monday, October 6, 2014

Week of Oct. 6

Language Arts: 
We will be making inferences by using our schema and clues from the text.  We will continue working on writing stories that have a beginning, middle and end.  Your child will be expected to turn one in for a grade!

We will continue to practice 3-digit addition with regrouping.  Kids will also be reviewing what they have learned.  We will have a test on Wednesday.  Our next topic of study will be focused on subtraction.  (This is extremely hard for the kids to do and master - please be patient with them and us!)  There will be a homework video on Wednesday.  We will also have on in class on Thursday.  Feel free to re-watch these with your child.  
If your child is struggling with the 3-digit addition, I'll be happy to work with them before school at 7:30.

This week we will be looking to see how heat changes things.  We will also be looking at the ways things are constructed.
What are physical properties?
What materials would you use to construct a house? Why?
How can combining materials help us to build a tower?

Social Studies:
This week we will be wrapping up our study on US Symbols.  Our next unit of study will be focused on the US Government.  More specifically, the services that they do and how people get paid for their jobs.

GenTX Week:
This week is focused to encourage and raise awareness about attending college after high school.  Students and teachers are encouraged to wear their favorite college apparel.

Tuesday:  Los Tios Spirit Night

GT Referrals
The deadline for parent referrals for the gifted and talented program assessment for kindergarten through 5th grade is Friday, October 10. Anyone may refer a student for the GT program, not just teachers.  If you want to refer your child for the GT program, please be sure that you return a Gifted and Talented Program Parent Referral Form to our school counselor by Friday, October 10.  If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Buchert at 713-251-6700.  More information is available on the GT page of the Spring Branch ISD web site,   Click on Site Index, then click on Gifted and Talented Program. 

Fall Festival:
October 17th will be here before you know it!  A form went  home on Friday - don’t forget to check your child’s folder!  Just a reminder, the festival will be from 4 - 7 at our RCE Transition Campus!

Exciting News: 
I just wanted to share with you that Chevron has fully funded another grant!  What does that mean?  Well, it means that your child will have an opportunity to help create their own learning videos using Go Pro Cameras.  We will have 2 that can be checked out for the week / weekend.  These cameras will come with attachments accessories and a carrying case.  (If you have an animal that loves to chew on things - please confiscate the cases and place them up high - out of their reach!  We want to protect this investment and keep it in great condition for as long as possible!)  After the kids have video taped an activity, they can download the video into a brand new MacBook Pro.  They will learn how to use iMovie to create these videos.   

Little Bits Update:
We have received the devices and they are really cool.  Helen He is helping us keep them safe and organized.  As soon as we get the cases and can organize the circuits, we will begin exploring and building.  :)
I hope everyone has a great week!  The weather is just phenomenal!