Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

Meet Kayla!

I'd like to introduce you to a very sweet, outgoing Stratford Student, Kayla!  She will be joining our class this year as she gains experience about becoming a teacher.  I am excited to have her here in the morning, so she can help out with our Daily 5 and other special projects.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week of September 22

Language Arts:  We will be discussing Character Traits this week as we read fun stories.  We will also continue to model story arch’s as we discuss the beginnings, middle and endings.

We will also be finalizing our DRA’s.

Writer’s Workshop:  We will continue to write stories that have structure.  Along with our read aloud(s), we will make sure these stories have a beginning, middle and end.  

Word Study: Word study will begin this week.  Your child will keep the same list of words for 2 weeks.  During this time, they will be sorting and looking for patterns within their sort.  If for some reason, your child get’s stuck, encourage them to look at our videos at:  http://2ndrce.blogspot.com/p/word-study.html

I have a sweet parent who has volunteered to input these words into Spelling City.  Hopefully, by Wednesday, that should be up and running.  Until then, you are welcome to type your words into the program and use that for your child’s spelling homework.  

Social Studies: We will continue to learn more about our US Symbols.  We will focus on these following symbols:  flower, seal, Uncle Sam Liberty Bell, American Flag, Pledge, and the Star Spangled Banner.  

Science:  We will be talking about how matter changes.  Kids will be able to participate in some fun experiments with ice and salt.  

Math:  Using manipulatives and a place value mat, students will practice 2-digit and 3 digit addition without regrouping.  Don’t forget to visit our blog - as their homework movies will pop up on the designated days.  If you haven’t had a chance to make your beansticks, please visit the blog for a “How To” video.  

There will be an extra video on Wednesday.  This just reiterates what we taught in the classroom.  It is not mandatory to watch, but if your child would like to practice or review, it will be on the blog.  

Field Trip:  Please DO NOT forget to return your child’s permission slip to us ASAP.  You need to make sure you have filled out both sides!  We will be heading to the museum this Tuesday!

Boosterthon:  The Boosterthon Fun Run kicked off Wednesday with a fun Pep Rally and I am super excited about this year’s program. The Boosterthon Fun Run program involves all students in a fun, team building, fitness event while helping our school raise much-needed funds. The central focus of this year’s character program is COMMUNITY. This year’s character theme is ROCK’N TOWN LIVE, and the Boosterthon Team will take students on a fun-filled journey teaching them the importance of building community with this fun, music festival theme.
Through the Boosterthon, our entire school is raising support to go toward an Outdoor Learning Center and Water Bottle Filling Stations for our new school! So far we are almost at $20/lap.  We are off to a great start and as of Friday our class was in the lead of the other 2nd grade classes! Yay! 
Here’s how you can help:
REGISTER YOUR STUDENT TO RUN - Please register your child on funrun.com using our class access code 6803-4376
. The access code is also on your student's pledgebook. Students receive a FREE GIFT just by having their parent or guardian register them on funrun.com.
GET PLEDGES by connecting your student with 10 sponsors. Funrun.com has many ways to use social media in the pledging process and pay online. Be sure to capture and record the e-mail address of each sponsor, as they will have an easy opportunity to pay for your student’s pledge by credit card online.
This weekend is a special challenge—the “Weekend Challenge.” Any student who gets $3 per lap OR $90 flat donation over the weekend will receive the bonus "All Day Flex Frames on Monday. The students are super excited to rise to the challenge!
Thank you for supporting our classroom and our school! I look forward to seeing you next week at the Boosterthon Fun Run!

COME TO THE BOOSTERTHON FUN RUN NEXT WEEK! Remember, students will be running 30-35 laps on the Boosterthon Speedway, and we would love to have lots of support for our team!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Class News - September 15

Dear Parents,

We have a lot going on this week!  

Language Arts:

We are continuing our DRA testing!  We will let you know how your child did as soon as possible.  We will also be focusing on making connections and discussing character traits.  

This week we will be learning more about nouns.  We will be emphasizing that all proper nouns are always capitalized.  

We will continue writing brief stories that include a beginning, middle and end.  We will also discuss punctuation marks including those at the end of the sentence. 

We will be working on our problem solving skills and mastering our Place Value and number sense.  A review will come home on Wednesday.  Be prepared for a chapter test on Friday. 

This week we will be learning all about weather.  We will practice using thermometers to measure and record the weather such as the air outside at different times of the day.  We will also be looking at other weather instruments, such as a rain gauge, and why we use them.  .  

Social Studies:
We will be finishing up our study on citizenship.  Be sure and ask your child these questions:
  • How have you been a bucket filler?
  • How have you helped the classroom be a happier place?
  • How have you been a good citizen in the classroom?
Not only will be learning about the state symbols, but also the symbols of the United States. They should have a great understanding of the symbols by Friday, so be sure to you ask your child these questions:
  • What symbol makes you think of freedom?
  • What symbol inspires you to be creative?
  • Which symbol makes you feel like a proud American?

Important Dates:
  • 9/17 Boosterthon Pep Rally (This is our 1 fund raiser for the year! Students will raise money by running laps during their HF time on September 26.)
  • 9/18 Open House @ 5:30 pm (Because of limited space, Mrs. Harn is asking that children do not attend.)
  • 9/23 Field Trip - Altheratta Yeargan Museum
Mystery Reader:
I have finally set up a calendar on Sign - Up Genius for Mystery Reader.  Don't panic / or worry if you do not get a spot - I will make sure to ask you first for the Spring Semester.  :) If you didn'tget an email, please visit this link: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/20F094FA8AE2BA64-2014
We will do Mystery Reader starting this Friday 10:15 - 10:45.  Please make sure you have books to read.  If you need one, let me know ahead of time and I will find one for you.

Scholastic Book Clubs:
I will be sending home the catalog sheets on Monday.  I think that our classroom will get a free book if you order online.  
Shop Online: www.scholastic.com/readingclub 
One-Time Class Activation Code: GQVZL
I plan on submitting the orders next Monday, 9/22.  

Spirit Wear:
If you are wanting to purchase spirit wear, please visit this link:  http://rcepta.com/rce-pta-shop/spirit-wear-2014-15-sy/

Hope you have a great week!  I can't wait to see you on Thursday!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Class News - Sept. 8

Dear Parents,

Language Arts:
·       Reading:  As we are reading with the class, we will be focusing on how to infer using the evidence from the fiction texts.  We will use ideas to make and confirm prediction and practice inferring using textual evidence.
·       We are also continuing to set up our Daily 5 rules and procedures.  Lastly, your child may be asked to read with his / her teacher as we assess their independent reading level.  These do take a while to complete – so please be patient.  We will let you know what your child’s DRA Level is as soon as possible.
·       Writing:  We are continuing to set up our rules and routines for our writer’s workshop time.  This week, we will be focusing on writing a brief story with a BME (Beginning, Middle & End) and using a story arch to help with the prewriting stage.

Math:  We will be practicing our place value skills (Hundreds, Tens & Ones).  We will also be comparing and ordering numbers.  Your child will also learn some really cool math fact games this week that they can play at home for homework.  All you will  need is a deck of cards!

Social Studies:  Energy Bus – We have been reading this book and looking for ways to create positive energy.  Our next rule, #3, will talk about Bullies.  Your child will practice a 3 step plan for dealing with this problem.  We will connect it with bucket filling and bucket dipping.  Rule # 4, will focus on loving your passengers.  We will talk about what it means to love your passengers and how this important. 

Science:  We will be learning about the Properties of Matter.

Homework:  A new homework sheet will go home today.  I meant to pass last weeks out on Friday so that you could sign it and return it, but forgot.  I do apologize.  Ideally, it will go home on Friday so that you can see your child’s conduct for the week.  It will have their reflection on how they think they did and then mine.  Over the weekend, sign it and return it the following Monday.

Class Dojo:  This is a website that I’ll be using to help reward your child and keep them on task.  I will sporadically be awarding points, as well as taking away points, for specific behaviors: Following Directions, Staying on Task, Being a Bucket Filler, etc.  I have not yet inputted your email address, but when I do, you will get a weekly report on what was observed in the classroom.

Counselor Lessons:  Jennifer Buchert is our new full – time counselor!  She will be coming into our classrooms to do little mini lessons (once a month) on our social skills!  We are delighted to have her!

Mini Grant Awards:  Our class, in conjunction with Ms. Foster’s class are jumping with excitement!  This summer, we submitted a grant to obtain some circuit devices for programming.  Our grant was for Little Bits.  Little Bits are an “open source” library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets.  These magnetic circuits allow students to prototype, learn, and create just about anything.  As students manipulate these devices, they are learning how to use different circuits to create just about anything that they can dream up.  As they place these circuits together, they become a network – each circuit working off of each other to create light, sound, movement and much more.    We can’t wait to purchase these cool devices!

You can see more about Little Bits:

Mystery Reader:  This week, I’m in hopes of putting together a Sign-Up Genius for Mystery Reader.  I’ll email you the link when it has been created!  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Class News


I’m so happy to hear all the wonderful stories that your child shared with me today.  Sounds like everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Labor Day! 

I just wanted to let you know what we will be focusing on this week:

Language Arts:  We will continue to learn more about the Daily 5.  We practiced Read to Self today and Read to Someone.  We are really working on building our stamina so that during this time, I can meet with a small reading group.  We also talked about the different parts of speech.  We plan to get more into detail with that – isolating them for further study. 

Math:  We continued to practice our Flipped Learning with our Blog.  You will learn all about that at our Back To School Night.  If your child would like to go and re-watch our lesson, they can!  www.2ndrce.blogspot.com  I highly encourage that you have conversations with your child about place value.  Today, we talked about writing 3 digit numbers 3 different ways.
Standard Form:  437
Expanded Form: 400+30+7
Written Form:  Four hundred, thirty seven

It would be helpful for you to verbally practice this while you are cooking dinner or getting ready for your nightly routine.  You can say, I’m thinking of a number… when it is in the expanded form, there are 4 hundreds, 3 tens and 7 ones.  What number do you think it is?

Social Studies:  We are doing a book study on The Energy Bus.  Today we create a life goal.  We will focus on say “Thank You”, filling more buckets, identifying bucket dippers and showing love to all! 

Science:  Today we discussed different ways we observe and how our 5 senses play a huge role in experiments.  We will continue practicing our observations skills with various objects this week.

Homework:  Homework went home today. I explained my expectations for the class.  They also have spelling words attached.  It would be helpful if you could give them a pretest tonight to see which words they need to focus on.  

Monday, September 1, 2014

First Week of School

We’ve had a great week! It’s as though we’ve been here a month already! The kids have been very quick to learn our new routines and schedule. Please keep sending chilled water bottles, the water fountains here are not very cold, so ice helps!!

Check out our 2nd grade blog spot! It has lots of good information!!! www.2ndrce.blogspot.com
On this site you will find our math flipped learning! You will also find other information - just need to click on the tabs. :) Children are welcome to watch the short videos whenever they want! It's also a great tool for the parents - as it shows how we are "teaching them" here in class.

We’ve also been practicing the “Daily 5” Language Arts routine. Ask your child about what they should be doing during “Read to Self” We are working on building up stamina to read independently for 20 minutes. We are focusing on using the “5 finger rule” and making sure they are “Just Right” books for us!!!

Also, ask your child what “Work on Writing” should look like! We have been discussing the Correct and Incorrect way to do these 2 of the 5 Daily 5 activities. We’ve discussed and modeled how “Read with Someone” should look, but have not practiced it yet…that will happen on Tuesday. Ask your child what “EEKK” style should look like! (Elbow to Elbow, Knee to Knee, I’ll read to you and you read to me!)

We’ve been working on being a BUCKET FILLER throughout the day! Make sure to praise your child when they are doing kind and thoughtful thing at home or with siblings, we are really trying to focus on being a good citizen!!!

If you have any additional questions, please drop me an email!

Have a wonderful Labor Day!