Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Class News


I’m so happy to hear all the wonderful stories that your child shared with me today.  Sounds like everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Labor Day! 

I just wanted to let you know what we will be focusing on this week:

Language Arts:  We will continue to learn more about the Daily 5.  We practiced Read to Self today and Read to Someone.  We are really working on building our stamina so that during this time, I can meet with a small reading group.  We also talked about the different parts of speech.  We plan to get more into detail with that – isolating them for further study. 

Math:  We continued to practice our Flipped Learning with our Blog.  You will learn all about that at our Back To School Night.  If your child would like to go and re-watch our lesson, they can!  www.2ndrce.blogspot.com  I highly encourage that you have conversations with your child about place value.  Today, we talked about writing 3 digit numbers 3 different ways.
Standard Form:  437
Expanded Form: 400+30+7
Written Form:  Four hundred, thirty seven

It would be helpful for you to verbally practice this while you are cooking dinner or getting ready for your nightly routine.  You can say, I’m thinking of a number… when it is in the expanded form, there are 4 hundreds, 3 tens and 7 ones.  What number do you think it is?

Social Studies:  We are doing a book study on The Energy Bus.  Today we create a life goal.  We will focus on say “Thank You”, filling more buckets, identifying bucket dippers and showing love to all! 

Science:  Today we discussed different ways we observe and how our 5 senses play a huge role in experiments.  We will continue practicing our observations skills with various objects this week.

Homework:  Homework went home today. I explained my expectations for the class.  They also have spelling words attached.  It would be helpful if you could give them a pretest tonight to see which words they need to focus on.  

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