Monday, September 8, 2014

Class News - Sept. 8

Dear Parents,

Language Arts:
·       Reading:  As we are reading with the class, we will be focusing on how to infer using the evidence from the fiction texts.  We will use ideas to make and confirm prediction and practice inferring using textual evidence.
·       We are also continuing to set up our Daily 5 rules and procedures.  Lastly, your child may be asked to read with his / her teacher as we assess their independent reading level.  These do take a while to complete – so please be patient.  We will let you know what your child’s DRA Level is as soon as possible.
·       Writing:  We are continuing to set up our rules and routines for our writer’s workshop time.  This week, we will be focusing on writing a brief story with a BME (Beginning, Middle & End) and using a story arch to help with the prewriting stage.

Math:  We will be practicing our place value skills (Hundreds, Tens & Ones).  We will also be comparing and ordering numbers.  Your child will also learn some really cool math fact games this week that they can play at home for homework.  All you will  need is a deck of cards!

Social Studies:  Energy Bus – We have been reading this book and looking for ways to create positive energy.  Our next rule, #3, will talk about Bullies.  Your child will practice a 3 step plan for dealing with this problem.  We will connect it with bucket filling and bucket dipping.  Rule # 4, will focus on loving your passengers.  We will talk about what it means to love your passengers and how this important. 

Science:  We will be learning about the Properties of Matter.

Homework:  A new homework sheet will go home today.  I meant to pass last weeks out on Friday so that you could sign it and return it, but forgot.  I do apologize.  Ideally, it will go home on Friday so that you can see your child’s conduct for the week.  It will have their reflection on how they think they did and then mine.  Over the weekend, sign it and return it the following Monday.

Class Dojo:  This is a website that I’ll be using to help reward your child and keep them on task.  I will sporadically be awarding points, as well as taking away points, for specific behaviors: Following Directions, Staying on Task, Being a Bucket Filler, etc.  I have not yet inputted your email address, but when I do, you will get a weekly report on what was observed in the classroom.

Counselor Lessons:  Jennifer Buchert is our new full – time counselor!  She will be coming into our classrooms to do little mini lessons (once a month) on our social skills!  We are delighted to have her!

Mini Grant Awards:  Our class, in conjunction with Ms. Foster’s class are jumping with excitement!  This summer, we submitted a grant to obtain some circuit devices for programming.  Our grant was for Little Bits.  Little Bits are an “open source” library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets.  These magnetic circuits allow students to prototype, learn, and create just about anything.  As students manipulate these devices, they are learning how to use different circuits to create just about anything that they can dream up.  As they place these circuits together, they become a network – each circuit working off of each other to create light, sound, movement and much more.    We can’t wait to purchase these cool devices!

You can see more about Little Bits:

Mystery Reader:  This week, I’m in hopes of putting together a Sign-Up Genius for Mystery Reader.  I’ll email you the link when it has been created!  

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