Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Homework FAQ

1. What do the T and A mean on the reading log?
Title & Author

2. What do F and NF mean on the reading log?
Fiction / Non Fiction

3. Is anything he reads fine to log?

4. What are spelling cards?
We cut them out and use them sort in the student’s journal. Usually, I give the kids 2 copies on Monday. (One to manipulate first thing, and the other to take home and study.)

5. Since the math worksheet is two sided, does he turn it in on Wednesday, and then it comes back home for the Thursday homework?
One side is for Tuesday and the other side is for Thursday.

6. Can my child use a website to practice their math facts?
Yes – they can. Please share the website with us and I’ll put a link from my blog.

7. My child has mastered addition facts up to 18. In fact, he / she worked on multiplication over the summer. Can he / she do something else?
Sure! Have them move on (only if they are ready) to the multiplication and division.

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