Thursday, January 14, 2010

Race to Zero

Number of Players: 2 +

Materials: Die & Base 10 Blocks (Dimes / Pennies)


This game will take 7 rolls to complete using the die!

Each player begins with 100. (They need to have at least 10 dimes & 20 pennies)
Roll the die. Whatever the number is that is facing up – is the number that you will subtract from 100.
Decide whether or not to take away the number in 10’s or 1’s. (For example, if you roll a 5 – then you can either take away 50 or 5 – not both!)
The players then build the numbers and practicing trading the ten for ten ones.
Continue until you have rolled the die at least 7 times.
The person closest to 0 is the winner.
The hard part of the game is making the decision to take away the number in 10’s or 1’s without going below 0!
Lastly, players have to participate in all 7 rolls of the die, in order to win!

Have fun playing!

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