Sunday, September 12, 2010

Homework Ideas

Word Study:
From time to time, we have different activities that we do to help the children become familiar with their words. One of those things is to sort their words. Each Monday, your child will receive a copy of their words to take home. I will also do my best to email them to you. If I forget, please just remind me!

I’ve explained to the children that they can go to Tumblebooks (occasionally – maybe once a week) and listen to books at home. To get there, go to:

Click on Library Resources (it is located on the left hand side)

# 6 on that page is a link to Tumblebooks
The logon is: springbranch
Password: books

Primary Reading Program:
Don’t forget that their homework (reading every night for 15 – 20 minutes) can count for this! It would be awesome if I had 100% participation come October 31st! Unfortunately, listening to the books does not fit the criteria…

Math Facts:
Also, for math facts, they can visit my blog (I showed them today) and click on any of the links under my avatar w/ the bear. They need to at least practice their math facts, as well as read, every night!

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