Monday, February 18, 2013


We began our bird research today.  This is a very exciting adventure and I am so fortunate we could collaborate with some children all over the world.  Currently, we are enjoying watching Liberty & Justice in their nest.  We have already learned that a bald eagle egg takes anywhere from 32 - 35 days to hatch.  Depending upon when the first egg was laid, the female may wait until her second egg has been laid to begin the incubation process.  That is because they would like for the eaglets to hatch around the same time!

You can see them too at the Alcoa Bald Eagle Web Cam.  
Below is a picture of Liberty with her eggs in her nest.   

The children are so excited as I am too! Some of the topics that we are learning more about in teams are:

  • ·         Birds of Prey
  • ·         Habitat
  • ·         Symbolism & Cultural Influence of the Bald Eagle
  • ·         Protection & Laws for the Bald Eagle
  • ·         Lifespan of the Bald Eagle
  • ·         Anatomy of the Bald Eagle

 I am in hopes that with the help of Karen Harrell, we will be producing our very own podcasts to share with the rest of second grade and possibly some other students around the school.  

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