Wednesday, July 24, 2013



What does that word actually mean? This year, I am going to learn what a Flipped Classroom looks, sounds and feels like.  I'm a little nervous / scared only because I'm self - contentious when it comes to recording... I literally HATE the way I sound!!!  I know it's silly, but I'm sure there are a lot of other people that feel the same.  
So... join in on the journey if you'd like...  It's going to be like a roller-coaster!!!

At the ISTE 2013 Conference, I learned from many people the wonderful impact that a Flipped Classrooms offers.  The idea that captured me on this strategy was the way it allowed for some kids to continue to the next lesson,  and for others to grab extra help in small groups as needed for finer tuning. So, I elected to read the book:  Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day, by Jonathan Bergmann & Aaron Sams.  Some of my teammates have also agreed to read and discuss the chapters.

So, today, I met up with some people and we began our journey and created 3 videos that we are going to use the first week / two of school.  If you should think about doing this... consider a few things:

  • Unpacking early from the summer;
  • Have a back-up plan;
  • Have access to a FLIP / Video Camera / Tripod;
  • 32 GB Scan Disk (If your equipment needs it!);
  • Document Camera - "Hooked Up" and ready to go;
  • High Speed Internet Connection (makes uploading much more pleasant!)

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  1. We learned a lot during our first two sessions about organization. We really had to think about what the students will need in their at-home kit and how we'll teach the kids to use the videos. We didn't want to work too far ahead, since I think there will be lots of modifications.