Thursday, January 13, 2011

Texas PTA Environmental Contest

2010 - 2011
Litter: From the City to the Sea
Simple behaviors can impact not only our local, but our global environment. Litter is a consequence of simple behaviors that result in mishandled trash, whether thoughtless or deliberate.

Litter impacts the areas where it originates, but can also travel throughout the environment when rain washes debris into streams and storm drains. One piece of litter left on a roadside can therefore impact more than just that immediate area, but can travel long distances to impact multiple ecosystems including rivers, lakes, wetlands and eventually our oceans.

It is not only coastal communities who are responsible for the health of our oceans, but inland communities, as well. Our behaviors really do have far reaching impacts, so make your impact positive! Every individual has the ability to reduce litter locally, which can impact our entire environment.

Students are invited to step up to the One World Challenge, and create a solution to address the impact of litter on our environment.

Texas PTA Environmental Contest

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