Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week of 9/10

Here is a little “blurb” on what we are doing in class.

Language Arts

• In Reading we are continuing to build our stamina during “Read to Self” and “Read to Someone”

• We are practicing retelling (Beginning/Middle/End) a story after we have read or listened to a book

• Learning the meaning of the word of the day. Students do NOT need to spell this word, just recognize the meaning within the context of a sentence

• Beginning writer’s workshops routines

• We completed our spelling inventory and we’ll be starting spelling this week.

• DRA testing began last week. They are pretty lengthy – so, it could take up to a month to complete all the assessments.


• Reading and analyzing graphs

• Place value and number sense- We are working on reviewing first grade number concepts through number of the day. They include: Even/Odd, Greater than/less than, number before/after, expanded notation, and writing the number in word form

• Reviewing math facts +1, +2, +0, -1, -2, -0

• Singapore Math Model Drawing problems

Social Studies

• We are learning about Rules and Laws. We read We the Kids and we’ll write a class constitution next week. We are also learning about the Pledge of Allegiance as many children were asking why we recite it each morning.

• We are reviewing Tribes Agreements- Attentive Listening, Mutual Respect, Appreciations/ No Put-downs, Right to Pass/Participate


• We are learning about Science Safety Rules.

• We are learning about Properties of matter and using our five senses.

Love & Logic Tip of the Week: Two Rules of Love & Logic

Taken from Love & Logic, by Jim Fay & David Funk

Rule #1:

Adults set limits without anger, lectures, threats, or repeated warnings.

When we describe what we will do or allow, that is setting a limit. When we tell a child that he/she should or shouldn’t do, that is a possible fight.

o Adults remember that it is their job to set these limits.

o They also remember that it is the children’s job to test them.

o As a result, adults only set limits that they know are enforceable.

o Adults provide choices within limits to share healthy control and thinking.

Rule #2:

When children cause or have problems, adults need to hand these problems back in loving ways.

We hand the problem back by replacing anger and lectures with a strong dose of empathy followed by logical consequences.

o Adults hope and pray that children make plenty of small, “affordable” mistakes.

o Adults provide strong doses of empathy before holding them accountable for the consequences of such mistakes.

o Adults delay consequences, when necessary, so that they can respond with wisdom and compassion.

o Children are given the gift of owning and solving their own problems.

Other Reminders

• Reading and reviewing math facts should be a part of your child’s nightly routine. This week we will begin math sheets 2 nights a week and spelling homework. We are also encouraging our children to record what physical activity they do in the evenings.

• Please remember to send a healthy snack with your child each day.

• Keep your eyes out for Book Orders. I will be sending them home this week. This is a great way to build your home library.

• Open House is Tuesday, September 18th from 5:00 PM-6:00 PM.

• Karen Harrell shared this awesome deal free app for Microsoft Office Smart. It is usually $9.00! The deal is only good until tonight… Act fast! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smart-office-2/id504520620?mt=8

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