Friday, August 21, 2009



The best way to contact the school or me is through email. If your child is not going to be at school, simply let me know and I will send your email to the office:

Also, please feel free to phone the school office at: 713-251-6700 or email Christine Godin at: .

Another difference this year is that we will be taking attendance right at 9:40. To be counted present, your child must be in class at that time! Please remember that when you schedule doctor appointments.

When a child is absent or tardy, the parent must provide a note, which includes the following:
• Date(s) of absence
• Reason of absence
• Parent signature


If you are having your child go home a different way than normal, the teacher and front office must have a note from you stating how they are going home. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept email as legal notification as a change of transportation.


Birthdays are very important and will be celebrated at the end of the day. Store bought cupcakes with plates and napkins are recommended! If you provide a cake or even a cookie cake, please have it pre-cut for easy distribution. If you need to drop off treats, please take them directly to the office. We will have them delivered / picked up at the appropriate time.

School Policies

If for any reason you need to enter the school campus, you must sign in and obtain an ID badge from the office. You will not be able to roam freely – or just “drop off” items in your child’s classroom.


The teacher and/or child will not be allowed to distribute medicine in the classrooms. Our school nurse, Karen Schroeter, will administer all medication. For prescription medication, you will need to have the doctor fill and sign the SBISD Guidance and Health Services form.
Please remember that your child must be fever - free for 24 hours before he / she can return to school.


Conferences will be available by appointment only. (1:15 – 2:00) Please do not come by the classroom during instruction time and expect a “quick” conference.

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