Friday, August 28, 2009

What Good Readers Do...

I spoke with the class today about some things that good readers do. When reading at home, you may wish to keep the consistency with what is being taught / learned here at school.

Before Reading
What story clues are in the title and the pictures?
Is this story real or make-believe? How do I know?
If this text is real, what will I learn?
What will the main character need or want?
Why do I want to read this story?
how do I picture the setting?

During Reading
What will happen next in the story?
How do I feel about the main character?
Why does the character act or feel a certain way?
Does the story or text make sense?
How will the story most likely end?
How does this story or text remind me of my life?

After Reading
How did the story or text make me feel?
What do I like or dislike about the story?
What is the main part of the story or text?
How have my feelings about the character changed?
How are the character's feelings or actions different at the end of the story?
What is the author trying to teach me?

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