Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Second Day of School

We had another successful day! The children worked well with each other solving many different educational problems. This morning, we began the day "shopping" for books to add to our browsing boxes. Next, the class helped me with shared writing about a time when my brother blew out my birthday candals.
When we started asking some of the kids about what makes a great story, this is what they said: A good story is / has....
One that has a lot of details;
One that has facts stated in it;
One with illustrations;
Catchy title to make the reader want to find out more;
Great punctuation;&
Capital letters!

After the children read successfully for 7 minutes, we gathered our thoughts about ways to select books! Here is the chart that we made as a class:

Also, we had our visit to the library. Karen Harrell, our wonderful, ever talented librarian discussed what it what it meant to have "Digital Citizenship". This will be extrememly powerful when the children have their email accounts set up! Also, they had the opportunity to select "Just Right" books to check out!
Here is our problem solver that we constructed today! Have your child help explain what we discussed!

Finally, we ended our day with a T-Chart that named a scientist (such as a geologist) and what they studied (rocks & minerals). As a challenge, I am going to give each child who can list a variety of these tickets in the morning!
Thanks again for sharing your child with me! I'm really becoming attached - QUICKLY!

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