Thursday, August 26, 2010

Terrific Thursday!

We had another successful day here in 2nd grade! This morning, we practiced exiting the cafeteria and walking to recess quietly in a single flie line. The kids did such a great job, we rewarded with an extra 10 minutes of recess while it was nice and cool! They also received an extra ticket for a job well done!

Also, we had our first fire drill. Everything went well!

During Language Arts, we continued working on our reading stamina. We made it all teh way to 14 minutes. Our minilesson for the day included Reading to Someone. We discussed why it was important for us to read to a friend.

After we successfully practiced for 4 minutes, we debriefed as a group!

In math we took a break from the Problem Solving Model and discussed the number 10. Here is the web that the class constructed:

Lastly, we ended our day with the story: Officer Buckle and Gloria followed by a Scholastic News on classroom rules and safety!

I can't wait to share what safety tips the kids came up with!

Thanks again and have a wonderful evening!

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