Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week of October 13

Language Arts:  We will review inferencing.  (Inferencing is when there are enough clues from the author / artist that someone can come up with an idea that is intended and not explicitly told.  This Friday, your child will have to sort and spell their spelling words.  If they are struggling to understand how to sort them, they can ask their teacher, or watch the video on our blog: 
I’m also sending home today a little reading passage.  Kids will earn extra Dojo Points for completing it.  If it is too hard for them to read independently, please feel free to read it to them.  This will help them become better prepared for the 3rd grade curriculum.
Social Studies:  We will discuss our government leaders.  We will also compare and contrast the mayor and the governor using a venn diagram.
Math:  We will begin our next unit in math - Subtraction with Regrouping.  We will start small and work towards 3 digit numbers.  This is such a HARD task please be patient with your child and encourage them to keep trying!  Your child will have a video to watch for homework on Tuesday and Thursday.  We will be checking to see if they have completed this in their journal.  An extra practice sheet will come home on Wednesday.  Again – it’s optional but the kids who complete it, will get extra points.  J
Science:  We will be learning about how heat changes things.  
Book Orders:  I will be placing these this Friday.  Your child should have brought home a coupon for a free book.  
Fall Festival:  Friday, October 17th (4-7 pm) Don’t forget to return your raffle tickets.  You never know if your ticket will be the big winner!  Mrs. Trevino and Ms. Foster will be walking around taking candid pictures for the yearbook.  Don't forget to have your picture taken!  :)  See attached document for more information!
Sweaters & Jackets:  As our temps start to change, please make sure your child's name is inside his / her jacket &, or sweater.  It makes is much easier to locate when people know who to take it to.  
Go Pro Cameras:  A huge thanks to Han Wright for agreeing to be our Ginny pig and test out the camera.  As soon as I debrief the “do’s and don’ts” with her, I’ll be deploying them.  I hope to have them ready by Friday.  We will draw names based on those interested.  When your child brings them home, please put them up in a safe spot away from dogs, small children, etc.  They are water proof up to a certain depth - but please double check the “housing” before submersion.  I’m excited to get some cool footage to add to our flipped learning math instruction.  
PTA Reflections is a competition for all students to show their creativity in many different ways:  art, photography, music composition, dance and more.  Information about Reflections can be found on the RCEPTA website.  (Including the required forms.)
The theme this year is “The world would be a better place if…”
Watch this animoto to get your children inspired.  Anything is possible.  This theme is a great one to try.  
Any student who turns in a Reflections project will receive a gift certificate to the Yogurt Spot.
Due Date in October 24th.
Have fun Creating!!!!!
Have a great day!

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