Friday, October 2, 2009

Imagine, Crop, & Create: Chicken Soup for the Roadrunner's Soul

I wanted to let you know that I am a proud recipient of the J. Landon Short Minigrant. This past Tuesday, I was honored at the Spring Branch Board Meeting and presented a check for $500.00. Imagine, Crop, & Create: Chicken Soup for the Roadrunner's Soul is a captivating opportunity for students to seamlessly integrate technology throughout the curriculum being taught. I will be in search of some great deals for a Flip Camera (takes video) and a Digital Camera that the students will be able to check out and use. Here is a brief synopsis of what I hope to accomplish:

The students will participate in a metamorphosis from a technological novice to an expert gaining an in depth understanding of Web 2.0 tools. By using technology, like a digital camera & software, FLIP camera, and scrapbooking supplies and techniques, students will be able to go further in depth in the writing process. This activity, which will take the year to complete, will thrive on the students’ creativity and transform it into a collaboration of memoirs that will become a timeline of their experiences during the school year. It will enhance their learning experience as they learn how to take digital photographs and manipulate them to fit their needs. They will also learn how to use a FLIP camera to capture special celebrations so that they can journal them in their scrapbook, adding detail where needed and with more descriptive words. Most of the work will be completed with our learning buddies in hopes that the use of technology will not only trickle down throughout the rest of the grade levels, but also become the “hook” into Web 2.0 skills.

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  1. Wow! What a great opportunity for our impressed and happy for you! David is going to love this!