Friday, October 2, 2009

Spelling & Handwriting

Good Afternoon!Second grade is a transition grade where kids go from early childhood to “big kids.” More is expected of your kids this year. This is one of the first times they are getting number grades and are actually associating those grades with how hard they need to work. They are figuring it out and I promise you, most of them already have started noticing how much harder they need to work! On that note, two of the easiest areas for you to work on with your kids at home are spelling and handwriting. And it's easy to incorporate both of those areas together. If you have your kids write their spelling words, have them SLOW down and use their best handwriting to write them. Mrs. Squillante found this website a couple weeks ago when a parent had asked how their child could improve on spelling. I encourage you to read over it and use what you can!

Remember- handwriting is something that they will continue to develop as the year goes on. This is when we are asking them to take their fine motor skills to the next level. Here are two websites (recommended by Mrs. Squillante) that give some ideas on how to strengthen fine motor skills in young children.

Let me know if you have any other questions! The kids WILL get better at this eventually, but here are some tips to speed up the process! :)

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