Thursday, August 25, 2011

4th Day of School

I cannot believe that tomorrow is already Friday. Where has the time gone this week? I crack up at some of the kids who are asking about homework and end up reminding them that this only the 4th day of school! LOL  So, if they come home and wish to do something extra, have them practice their math facts and read a book for 20 minutes.

Today was a very busy day! First, we dove into preselected books which help guide a discussion on books that are Easy (E), Just Right (JR) and Challenging (CH).

I shared with them a pretty cool APP today. It is called: Book Crawler. Book Crawler is a way to keep track of all the books one has read digitally. It allows for the person to scan in the ISBN bar code. When you do, it automatically comes up with all sorts of data. Then, you can select the toggle switch to say that you own it. You can also place a review on it. There is a “lite” version that is free but only lets you enter up to 20 / 30 books. I paid $1.99 for the full version. It is just a cool way to see how many books one is reading and of what type of genre. We have entered 4 so far – I am in hopes to see how many I actually read this year!

I also introduced Work on Writing with the kids. I did some modeled writing about a pet Tarantula I had that escaped. They even had the chance to see the “molting” of Tommy. Then, we brainstormed an I Can Chart for this time during the Daily 5. Here is what they said:

Work on Writing
I can…

• Think of ideas;
• Work quietly;
• Do my best!
• Concentrate!
• Stay in one spot;
• Get started right away;
• Make up a story;
• Write about something that has really happened;
• Not worry about mispelled words;
• Reread;
• Include Backstory.

We successfully read for 10 minutes this morning and worked on writing for 5! :)

I am trying to introduce one way to solve a problem where they students try to "Make 10" with decomposing numbers.
We ended our day discussion what it was like to be a part of a community!

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