Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome - First Day of School

Dear Parents,

Today was just great!  We started off the day by playing a name game and by sharing things about ourselves.  We also wrote about our family.  Most importantly, we spent time establishing routines of the Daily 5 (Reading and Writing Program) and practicing the first part of the program.  We created our first chart for: 

Ways we choose books…
·         Find one that is part of a series;
·         By looking at the front cover;
·         Making sure it is Just Right for me;
·         Personal Connections;
·         Genre;
·         Books that are also movies;
·         Recommended by your teacher / friend;
·         Book you have heard out loud;
·         By trying the beginning to see if we like it!
To help build our stamina (the maximum goal for this is 20 minutes – which allows for me to pull small groups for guided reading , word study, etc.) for reading, we spent time discussing what it meant to read to just ourselves!  Here is what we decided as a class for Working on reading.

Working on Reading
I can:
·         Concentrate!
·         Read quietly to must myself;
·         Select books out of my book box;
·         Read anywhere in the room;
·         Take care of my needs before we begin;
·         Select books that are Just Right for me;
·         Stay in my area and read!
·         Giggle inside my head;
·         Wait to share interesting things with my friend;
·         Shop for books first thing when I come to class.

Also, we tried to solve a word problem together and a few kids shared their ways in solving the below problem.
Our wonderful day ended with Health Fitness and Art!  I cannot believe that it flew by so quick!

Obviously, I will not be giving you a play by play scenario every day, but I definitely wanted you to be able to have conversations about the first day of school!  J Thank you for sharing your wonderful kids with me!

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