Tuesday, September 6, 2011

>Homework Ideas

Word Study:
From time to time, we have different activities that we do to help the children become familiar with their words. One of those things is to sort their words. Each Monday, your child will receive a copy of their words to take home. I will also do my best to email them to you. If I forget, please just remind me! Also attached are various Spelling Activities. Your child may select one of his / her choice to complete as their word study for the evening. I also have placed these words on www.spellingcity.com. You can search for it by teacher… i.e. Theresa Trevino

Green Group: Blue Book Sort 13
Red / Orange: Sort 13
Blue: Sort 25
Yellow: Sort 2

Your child must practice their reading for at least 15 – 20 minutes a night. This includes having them read to you, or you reading to them. The idea is to practice and reflect. Also, double count that towards a popcorn party through the RCE Library Primary Reading Program. I sent home the “Passports” last week. If you can’t find yours, jot it all down and we can submit that! Those will be due October 31st!

Math Facts:
Also, for math facts, they can visit my blog and click on any of the links under my voki. They need to at least practice their math facts, as well as read, every night!

Scholastic Book Orders:
These went home today. You can either write a check made out to Scholastic or:
1. Go to www.scholastic.com
2. Create a login for yourself.
3. Class code: GQVZL

I hope you have a great week!

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