Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paul Revere

He is one of our first heroes that we will be studying.  Just a recap to yesterdays and todays lesson:

  • Lived from 1735 - 1818
  • Born in Massachussettes
  • He was a Silversmith
  • He was a Patriot
  • He warned the American Troops in 1775 that the English were planning to attack!

A Patriot are those Americans who wanted the colonies to be free from British rule.  Check out this small video clip about Paul Revere for more information:


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  1. The video was fascinating. I hope your students enjoyed learning about our country's history. This "tiggeronmars" will bounce back to your QR code/blog from time to time. TTFN! 2nd graders keep learning, smiling ...and having fun.