Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12, 2012

Dear Mrs. Trevino,

Yesterday was a blast!  I would love to be able to go to China!  What was your favorite part?  Did you know that I was born in the year of the Monkey?  Mrs. Schubert’s Elf, Riley tells me that I am super smart!  Woo Hoo!  That makes me excited!
I also enjoyed listening to the Yellow and Red group read.  They did such a great job reading – I was very impressed at how some of the kids were able to do it all on their own.
I think today, you will learn what it is like to celebrate the Festival of Lights!  India does something totally different!  I just know you are going to have fun!
By the way, thank you for using your ones and tens for math.  That makes me very happy!  I can’t tell you how hard it is to subtract with regrouping!  Keep up the great work!  I’m super proud of the wonderful job you are doing!


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