Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Natural Resources

Natural Resources: Something of value we get from the environment.
Examples:  Trees, Air, Water, Animals, Plants, Soil, & Land

Non-Renuable Resources: Something of value that cannot be replaced.
Examples:   Oil, Coal, Glass, Aluminum, Plastic, & Tin 

Renewable Resources:  Something of value that can be replaced.
Examples: Trees, Wind, Biomass, Solar Energy, & Geothermal Layers

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle: Something that you could reuse instead of throwing away.
Examples: Aluminum, Paper,& Some Foods (not Meat)

Sustainable Sources of Energy: 
Resources that one cannot use too much of.  There is an abundant supply that is made every day.
Examples:  Wind, Sun, & Trash

Fossil Fuels: Fossil Fuels form in the Earth from the remains of plants and animals.
Examples:  Coal,  Oil, Natural Gas, & Petroleum

Pollution: Something that endangers the environment which we live in.
Examples: Trash / Garbage, Oil Spills, Smoke, Certain Chemicals, Acid, & Toxic Waste

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