Monday, December 17, 2012

What's a Nutcracker?

December 17, 2012

Dear Mrs. Trevino,

Oh dear…  I heard that my friend’s are getting the Chicken Pox.  I sure hope I don’t get any!!! Do you like what else I did?  I had some fun with the extra lights that Mrs. Trevino had in her supply box.  I hear that you are going to go and see a production today.  It’s called, the Nutcracker.  Is that something like Mr. Wonka’s “Squirrel Room”?  I’m just curious!!!   They must be really nutty!  Hey, like, if I have an allergy to nuts, can I still go?
Well, have fun with your Holidays Around the World.  I think you are either going to Mexico or to France.  Mrs. Trevino can speak a little bit of both of these languages. 
Have a great time!  Y’all are becoming my most favorite class of all!  Thanks for all the sweet notes!


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