Thursday, December 20, 2012

Grinch Punch

December 19, 2012

Dear Mrs. Trevino,
Yesterday was SO much fun! I learned so much about Germany.  I’ll have to tell you though, I am so tired of playing that Dreidel Game. 
So, I really like Snowflake!  She is so sweet!  She told me that she loved all the names that you had picked out for her – but Snowflake Mary is her FAVORITE! 
So, you know that mean ole Grinch?  I hear you are going to have fun with some of his activities.  I also know that Ms. Craddock is going to do some more Face Time with us so that everyone has a chance to learn how to draw something! 
  Don’t forget that we have Library and Art today – I can’t   believe the day is so busy! 
  Thanks again for everything.  Enjoy the Grinch Punch!  I   wonder if it is like Dump Punch….


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