Monday, December 3, 2012

"My Letters"

Dear Mrs. Trevino,

I loved all the letters from the kids!  Thank you so much for sending them to me!!!  

Now, to answer some of the questions that the children asked....

My favorite colors are red and green.  I've always liked them, even since I was young!  I like them because it reminds me of Christmas time and also because Santa sure has a lot of red and green decorations! Just like Adam, Christmas is my favorite holiday ever!

Tell Griffin that I do know Snowball.  We went and had Hot Chocolate along with Sebastian, Sam & Zam just the other day!  In fact, Snowball was talking about wrapping a classroom with toilet paper but I think it will upset Ms. Blanca.  As far as pulling pranks, you will have to tell Charlie's elf, Elfonso, that I don't have the heart to place coal in Lillie or John's stocking.  

My favorite animal is a reindeer.  I especially love the one that has a very shinny nose!  I would like Anna to tell me what her favorite animal is.  I bet it is a dog!!!

To answer Ryder's question, I am self-employed!  I mainly do contract work from December 25th - Thanksgiving Day.  Then, when my work is all done, I get to take Thanksgiving Day - Dec. 24th off.  Santa pays us very well and is so sweet for letting us take a vacation every year.  

I think your class is wonderful!  I love the kids and I just loved watching them play their Pokemon cards during recess!  I will say that they were very noisy yesterday.  Are they always like that?  Please tell them that if they are not quieter, I'm going to have to tell Mrs. Harn all about what I am seeing.  



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